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Birthday Wishes for Dad

Your dad’s birthday is the ideal occasion to let him know how greatly you love and appreciate him. He’s been there for you through it all, and he deserves a fantastic birthday celebration. This article lists a variety of terrific birthday wishes that were written with your dad in mind. His big day will go from good to great this year when you give him a loving birthday message.

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Dad

Your dad’s sure to appreciate a good laugh on his birthday–after all, many dads are known for their incomparable sense of humor! Watch him crack a grin with one of these funny birthday wishes:

  • My birthday gift to you this year is that you can tell as many dad jokes as you want without me complaining. Well, until tomorrow, that is. Happy birthday, dad, love you!
  • Dad, I know it’s your birthday and everyone’s going to be saying nice things to you. Do me a favor, though, and just don’t get too cocky! Just kidding. Have a very happy birthday, I love you!
  • Hey dad, it’s your birthday! You never do seem to act your age, but I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. Cheers to your youthful spirit, dad, happy birthday!

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Birthday Wishes for Dad and Husband

He’s not just your wonderful husband, but also the amazing dad to your children. On his birthday, he deserves a loving message to let him know how special he is. This day only comes once a year, so make the most of it with a beautiful birthday wish:

  • Not only are you the love of my life and my partner through it all, but you’re also the father of my gorgeous children. I hope your birthday is everything you could wish for and more because you deserve it so much. Happy birthday, my dear, I love you!
  • My beloved husband, the father of my children–happy birthday! I’m so lucky to have a man like you in my life. You’re charming, handsome, kind, and endlessly supportive. I love you so much. Let’s have a wonderful birthday celebration and an even better year ahead!
  • My wonderful husband, the father of my beautiful children, happy birthday! You are so loved, appreciated, and admired–please never forget that. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. Now, let’s celebrate!
  • Today is the birthday of my treasured husband, the father of my wonderful kids, the love of my life. You mean more to me than you know and I wish you a truly celebration today. Happy, happy birthday, my dear!

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90th Birthday Wishes for Dad

Today, your dad turns 90! On this extraordinary day, a wonderful celebration is in order. Tell your dad how much you love him on this special birthday with a birthday wish:

  • Dearest father, today you’re turning 90! I love you so much and am proud to have you as a dad. I hope today is a joyful, memorable celebration of the exceptional person that you are. Happy, happy birthday!
  • Over 9 decades, you have touched the lives of so many people and accomplished so much. As your child, I feel lucky to have you in my life. You’ve been there through it all, from the soaring highs to the painful lows, but you taught me how to be strong and always helped me when I needed it. Happy 90th birthday, dad, I love you.
  • Today you’re turning 90, but your boundless energy continues to inspire me. You’re the best father I could ever ask for and I’m overjoyed to celebrate with you today. Happy birthday, dad, I love you!
  • Dad, you turn 90 today, but you continue to inspire everyone around you with your energy and spirit. I love you so much and I can’t wait to celebrate with you. Bring on the cake! Happy, happy birthday.
  • Happy 90th birthday, dad! You mean so much to me. I’ve always looked up to you, and you’ve been there for me through thick and thin. Let’s celebrate you today, dad, because you deserve to have an exceptional birthday and an incredible year ahead. I love you!

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60th Birthday Wishes for Dad from Daughter

As his daughter, you love, admire, and appreciate him every single day. But, today is his 60th birthday, so it’s a fantastic opportunity to tell him how much you care. Make your dad’s 60th birthday one for the books with a heartfelt birthday wish:

  • To my amazing dad: I feel so lucky to be your daughter! You are caring, supportive, and have an impeccable sense of humor. Today’s your birthday, and you deserve a fantastic celebration. Happy 60th birthday, I love you!
  • Dad, you’re as good as it gets. You’ve been there for me my entire life and I simply don’t know what I would do without you. I’m thrilled to celebrate your big 60th birthday with you and help make today special. I love you, dad, happy 60th!
  • Dad, I love you so much. Thank you for being there for me no matter what life brings, I’m very proud to be your daughter. Wishing you the happiest 60th birthday ever, you’re the best!
  • You’re the best dad that any daughter could hope for. Today’s your 60th birthday, and I hope you have an absolutely wonderful day!
  • Dad, you’ve seen me through it all, from when I was just a tiny baby to a bratty teenager to the person that I am today. I couldn’t have gotten through it all without your love and support. Today’s your 60th birthday, so it’s time to toast to you and the extraordinary life you’ve led so far. Happy 60th birthday, dad, I love you!

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He’s your dad, your role model, your rock. We love our dads, and when their birthdays come around, it’s a great time to let them know how appreciated they really are. With one of the meaningful birthday wishes listed above, your dad’s birthday is sure to be a lovely occasion.