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Birthday Wishes for Brother In-Law

While you’re only related by marriage, your brother in-law is a member of your family. His birthday deserves a wonderful celebration, and you can be a part of it by imparting a lovely birthday wish to him. This article provides a number of funny, thoughtful, and charming birthday messages that are perfect for your favorite brother in-law.

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Brother In-Law

Laughter is a gift in and of itself! Bring a grin to the face of your favorite brother in-law with one of these hilarious birthday greetings:

  • In-laws get such a bad rap, but you’re one of the good ones! Wishing you a very happy birthday, brother.
  • I never thought that I would get along with my brother in-law; after all, you’re the guy who married my sister! Nonetheless, I’m so glad that you’re a part of the family. Have the happiest of birthdays!
  • You’re yet another year older–people are going to start thinking that you’re my sister’s father! Just kidding, my dear brother in-law, wishing you a lovely birthday this year.
  • Brother in-law, I’m very impressed with you. Keeping up with my sister is no small feat! That said, today is your special day, so it’s time to celebrate you. Happy birthday!
  • Brother in-law, I can certainly see why she fell for you! Have the happiest of birthdays today, it’s time to celebrate!

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60th Birthday Wishes for Brother In-Law

He’s made it to 60! That means a major celebration is in order. Let your brother in-law know that you care with a heartfelt birthday wish:

  • Happiest of 60th birthdays to my terrific brother in-law! I’m so happy to be a part of your life and to celebrate your birthday with you. Have fun today!
  • My incomparable brother in-law, happy 60th birthday! I know that you’re wary of this big, daunting birthday, but you are still so young at heart. Cheers to a fantastic year ahead, the best one yet!
  • My beloved brother in-law, your life has spanned six decades, but you still laugh with the joy of a young man. Wishing you the best of birthdays on this beautiful day.
  • Dearest brother in-law, happy 60th birthday! Today will be a celebration of your life so far and the wonderful things that are still to come. Cheers!
  • Wishing you a very, very happy 60th birthday, brother in-law! Thank you for being a such a kind, thoughtful addition to our family. Have fun today!

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Birthday Wishes for Brother In-Law with Cake

What’s one of the best parts of any great birthday? Cake, of course! Your brother in-law is sure to love one of these sweet birthday greetings:

  • Happy birthday, brother in-law! Today is all about friends, family, gifts, and, of course, a delicious cake! I hope your special day is the sweetest one yet.
  • Who doesn’t love a great slice of cake? Well, today’s your birthday, so you can as much cake as you want. Happy birthday, brother in-law! May the year to come be full of happiness, success, and love.
  • Birthdays are special for many reasons, but the sweetest part of your big day is undoubtedly cake. Have yourself an enormous slice of the good stuff, and have a very happy birthday, brother in-law!
  • Dear brother in-law, I think we’re on the same page when it comes to the best part of a birthday: Cake! Wishing you a day to remember and an excellent year ahead.
  • I know I’m not alone in my love of birthday cake. But today is all about you, so get ready to blow out those candles! Happy birthday, brother in-law.

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Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother In-Law

Your elder brother in-law is there for you like any big brother would be. Celebrate him on his birthday and help him feel appreciated.

  • Happy birthday, big brother in-law! You’ve become such a wonderful part of my life and a true member of our family. Have an exceptional day today, you deserve it so much.
  • To my elder brother in-law: I hope you have a fantastic birthday! Thank you for always being there for me as a real big brother would. I’m so happy that you’ve become a member of my family.
  • Brother in-law, I’m wishing you a terrific birthday and a prosperous year ahead. You’ve been like a true older brother to me and I am so grateful.
  • I know that we’re not related by blood, but it feels like you’ve been my big brother all my life. Have the happiest birthday, I know there are wonderful things ahead for you.
  • My older brother in-law, we are lucky to have you join our family. You’re kind, funny, charming, and caring. Have a happy birthday today, we love you!

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Birthday Wishes for Younger Brother In-Law

Your younger brother in-law is turning another year older! Make his special day all the more memorable with a thoughtful birthday message:

  • My younger brother in-law, you’re truly like the little brother I never had! I’m overjoyed that you are in my life, and it’s my pleasure to wish you a very happy birthday!
  • Know that I’ll always look out for you–you’re my younger brother, after all. Have a fantastic birthday today, you are always welcome in our family.
  • Little brother in-law, I hope you have a birthday full of joy, gifts, and delicious birthday cake. This day only comes around once a year, so enjoy it!
  • Younger brother in-law, I’m so glad that you’re now a member of our family. Wishing you a very happy birthday and an exceptional year to come.
  • To my younger brother in-law: May your birthday be a joyful occasion filled with love, laughter, sweetness and happiness. You’ve been a gift to this family, and we’re so happy to celebrate with you.

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Now that you’ve read through the birthday wishes, you can choose the perfect one for your very own brother in-law. His birthday is sure to be a lovely occasion, and your message will make it all the more special!