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Birthday Poems for Son

Your son is a special part of the family, and so you will want to find a fun way to tell him, “Happy Birthday” when his day of celebration arrives. You can give him the words that he needs to hear out loud, or you can simply put them on a card that you have already gotten for him. He’ll be sure to appreciate the effort that Mom and Dad put into crafting something meaningful to him. Sometimes sons need to hear just how much they to mean to their parents. Telling them this type of information on their birthday will be sure to make the rest of their birthday seem like a breeze. As they go on throughout the day, they will be able to hold a smile on their face, knowing that they are highly thought of. Don’t hesitate to look through many poems before you find the one that will make your son’s day. Think about what you would like to tell him at the beginning of the day and search for a poem along those lines. After you have found what you are looking for, you will find yourself wishing that you had looked sooner. But it’s better late than never when it comes to looking for the right words to say to your son on his birthday.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

You are all grown up, but I still will
Kiss you on your cheek and hug you still
I know this birthday is different, yet I miss
The way your soft voice, would remind me of this
Counting the days, till your birthday is here
I love you my son, here is to another year

Let us pop balloons and let them fly
Around the house they go
Laughing you and I
I love the sound, of your happiness so
I love your heart, so pure of gold
Happy birthday to you, my handsome son
With the festivities beginning, let us have some fun

Wow, it’s your birthday
Let the day be filled with fun
Let us celebrate and party
This birthday with you my son
You’re so special
Your heart so silly and free
Let us get this day started
Partying on, you and me

Happy birthday my dear son
Time is moving so fast
And one day you will become a man
So take this moment and enjoy your youth
Do the silly things that little kids do
Play all your favorite games
Listen to all your favorite songs
Enjoy your life my child
For life is meant for the living

Dear son you are my world
You brighten my days
As you mark another milestone in your life
May your days fill with eternal happiness
And may your mind know only wise choices
May your life be full of purpose
And may you never forget that I’ll always love you

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Having you as a son is the greatest gift I could ever ask for
You will always be close to my heart
There is no better time than your birthday
To wish you a long life full of happiness and purpose
Happy birthday son

Happy birthday to my son
I am proud that you are mine
You give me so much joy
I will love you for all time
You enhance my life each day
My love will only grow
Each moment with you I cherish
How much you’ll never know

Each year I think back to the day you were born
I can’t believe how much you have grown
I have shared some amazing times with you
The days we’ve spent apart are few
Today is to remember the day you arrived
And celebrate and have some fun
Happy birthday to my wonderful son

It’s the anniversary of your birth
A day never to forget
I’ll remember that day for evermore
A memory in my head
You’ve grown into a fine young man
I couldn’t be any prouder
So happy birthday to my son
I wish I could shout it louder

Looks from my son are full of grace
He will bring smiles on each face
My love in the future he will repay
I wish him a very happy birthday
My son will shine like the sun
Life challenges for him will be fun
Words of admiration people will say
I wish him a very happy birthday
Compassion will be his strength
He will travel the world at length
No one will he ever betray
I wish him a very happy birthday
He will make my family feel proud
His words will be heard by huge crowds
Noble examples he will lay
I wish him a very happy birthday
May God give him His blessings
To handle anything pressing
All difficulties will just keep away
I wish you a very happy birthday

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Once a year I get the chance
To wish you birthday cheer.
It pleases me no end to say,
I wish you another great year.
So happy birthday to you,
From the bottom of my heart.
And may your good times multiply,
Till they’re flying off the chart!

Every year that comes and goes
Brings its flowers and its snows;
With each birthday, every year,
I celebrate you, for it’s so clear
You’re really special; you’re the peak,
One of a kind, you are unique.
Happy Birthday; may your day
Be blessed, like you, in every way.

I’ve dreamed about raising you before you were even born.
I’d teach you how to hold a gun,
And pass down the family farm.
On your eighteenth birthday you told me no,
That you wouldn’t be a farmer,
So I told you go.
I know that this letter is out of the blue,
But I just wanted to tell you happy birthday.
I wish you the best,
I don’t care if you’re gay.
I just want my son back,
I’m sorry, okay?


You’ve grown up to be such a wonderful young man,
Always polite and never late to church,
Handsome and caring for every creature on earth.
I want you to know I’m proud to be your mama,
And that even though you’re a year older,
You will still be my baby boy!


Strong like an iron,
Tall as a tree,
Sweet as grandma’s homemade ice cream.
Loyal as a puppy,
Smart like your daddy,
Work ethic as determined as an ox in the fields.
Stubborn as a mule,
Loving like a river,
Carefree like the autumn leaves in twirling in the wind.
Older than yesterday,
But younger than tomorrow,
Today is special like you are to me!

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My son you are growing,
It seems faster than before.
It’s your birthday already,
And another year has gone out
The door.
It’s you we celebrate,
On this special day.
And this is the message I wish
To convey:
Have the happiest of birthdays,
My sweet boy.

Happy birthday my son,
I hope all is well.
Listen to my words
And head them well.
Birthdays are special
And today it is yours.
This day is about you,
No problems, no chores.
So celebrate your birthday
With all of your friends.
I pray it’s a good day,
That lasts to the end.

My son as you grow older,
There are lots of things you will learn.
Each year we spend with you,
Is another full of love.
Today marks the day,
You were brought into this world.
Today is your day,
And we celebrate it with you.

Happy Birthday, son
You have turned into quite the man.
It took time, patience, and endurance.
I am proud of who you have become
Now continue to grow each and every day
And you will surely be blessed
In every way.

To my loving son,
Whom is perfect in every way
From the path that you are on
I hope you never sway
You surely have some spunk
That I appreciate
Happy Birthday to you
Today is a very special date.

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To my handsome boy,
Who is another year older
Another year wiser,
And another year bolder.
I am glad of who you are,
And I hope that you are too
Happy Birthday, my son
There is no one on thie earth quite like you.

To a birthday full of trucks and trains,
son you are perfect in every way.
Your curiosity grows each year and we are so excited to see
what you know.
We love you more then anything.
Happy Birthday to you!

Is it possible to know someone as brilliant as you?
You burst with potential reaching to the sky.
May rocket ships take you on a trip among the planets and you have a day that is
“out of this world.”

Each year we watch you grow in confidence
It makes our hearts glow to see all you have done.
To become someone who makes us proud.
Take this day for you, let our love carry you
into a new year.

Son, you’re older now, and yet; You look the same to me; I hope that you will not forget; To sometimes be carefree; To let go of your worries and; Run wild to your heart’s content; You are the best kid in the land; Always my favorite gent!

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The day you were born, son, brought me much joy; My heart swelled twice its size; A healthy, bouncing, baby boy; I could not believe my eyes; As you have grown, you’ve made me proud; With everything you’ve done; Every kite flying in a cloud; Every trophy won; I’ve never, every stopped loving you; And probably never will; I’ll always be proud with whatever you do; You’ll always fit the bill!

Son, I think I’ll always treasure; The good times that we share; You have given me so much pleasure; Know how much I care; Fishing or throwing the ball around; It’s always so much fun; I’m sure lucky to have found; A friend I can call my son!

For my son
I’ve loved you since your first day on earth
The first sight of you made me heart smile
I pray you that you know your worth
You were such a sweet child
Very kind but a little wild
Climbing trees and playing with swords
Excelling in school, receiving awards
You were always the smartest boy
Answering hard questions with inquisitive joy
Now that you have grown into a handsome man
I hope I know how much I love you
On your side, I will always stand
Happy Birthday, Son

My dear son
You have always made me proud
You have been my best friend
When someone needs some help
It’s your giving hand that you lend
Always doing your personal best
Trying your very hardest in school
You did so well on all the tests
I think that is just so cool
Studying hard and making good friends
My pride for you
Will surely never end
Happy Birthday

To my handsome son
You are such a good kid
Always having fun
With everything you did
From child to adult
You have always been so nice
When I asked you do something
I never needed to ask twice
You always did what you were suppose to
Helping me out with chores
I appreciate everything you do
You are so smart and grown up
You are the young man
That I just so love so very much
Happy Birthday

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today you turn older
it seems like yesterday
you were that baby
all swaddled away
today you grow up
not a moment to soon
one more year behind you
today is the day
i first met you
happy birthday my son
i love you

trucks, books and
the color blue
some green to
dirt all over the floor
cake in your face
look there’s some
on the plate
a year you grow older
a day we were blessed
with a son like you

a son like you
is hard to find
a birthday party
some friends to
a bounce in the
bouncy castle
a present of sorts
maybe a book, a truck
or a bear
open it up let’s see
what you have there
a day full of smiles
for a handsome son like you
happy birthday hun

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Mother’s Boy Forever
The years pass by,
As the clock ticks, the time fly,
Gracious! you were so adorable little mom’s kid,
Keep in mind how you played with that toy,
And,now you are for the most part tall before me,
Obscured is my eyes,but still I can see,
Your mother cherishes you forever!

My Lovely Child
The minute you came in my grasp,
I couldn’t get it,
Instructions to respond to this delightful happiness,
The sweetness of your face,
Like the delicate toy,
You mean everything to me my child,
You are and will dependably stay number one.

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My Cute Son
Your charming ways which made me grin,
It was my reality for the while,
My child, you are for me the apple of my eyes,
What’s more, since you are progressively savvy,
Might want to reveal to you that be a decent soul,
Have your impact with devotion and job