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Birthday Love Poems – Poems for A Lover

When you have someone special in your life, you don’t want to give them a birthday card that just has any old words on it. You want to ensure that it is packed with words that are meaningful to that special someone that you are giving it to. You will want to make sure that you give them a card that shows that you are dedicated to keeping up the romance of the relationship, esspecially on thier birthday. Here you can find posts that involve romance as well as deep thoughts that are sure to make your significant other’s heart melt to pieces. But don’t worry- you can piece their heart back together with yet another poem that signifies how much they mean to you. Exposing your lover to romance during your relationship is a process, and it’s one that should be taken seriously. If you find a poem that you think will speak to them, take it and use it now. Then, wait a while before you come back and decide to use another one. By leaving some space in between the first set of words and the second set of words, you will be able to give your significant other enough romantic words to make them yearn for more later on in your relationship and not just during their birthday.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Blow out your candles, their starting to melt
Down on the cake, the heat I have felt
I made you not one, but many different cakes
Just in case you need to wish without any mistakes
Happy birthday my world, the day is yours
Memories to show as my heart spins and twirls

Many days go by, yet this day is the best
It’s someone’s special birthday, no time to rest
The love so divine, such happiness I feel
Time to celebrate, together we will
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Happy birthday my love
Time to have a little fun

Happy birthday my heart, today is your day
Let us dance and party, it’s time to play
I wish I could give you all of the world
Thank you for always making me feel important
Now today I would love to do the same for you
I have many surprises, too many surprises for you
Happy birthday love

My love for you is forever true
I will always cherish you
After all we’ve been through
And today you’re not allowed to be blue
When we sing happy birthday to you
On this special day I’d like to say,
Happy birthday my love,

My partner and my best friend
My lover and protector
Tonight we gather to honor you
On this special day you were made
And we thank the heavens for your present
Like the old saying, there’s no time like the present
Happy birthday to my one and only sweetheart

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Happy birthday my love,
Never let that fire in your belly burn out
Always remember you mean the world to me
Even though you will never stay forever young
In my heart you will always be
And on this special occasion we celebrate you

My life with you is perfect
Each day with you is bliss
All that I can think about
Is when we next will kiss
You make my life complete
I loved you from the start
Happy birthday to my love
I give you all my heart

To my love on your birthday
The most special day of the year
I celebrate your birth today
I’m so happy that you’re here
The world would be dark without you
I love my life with you
Enjoy your special day my love
Happy birthday to you

Birthdays are a time to show
How much I love you in one go
A day devoted just to you
To show that you I feel it too
Appreciate you being born
Make you feel loved and warm
Keep you safe forever baby
I love you happy birthday lady

My love for you shall never pause,
Strong and determined with all our flaws.
It endures and doesn’t judge,
Never holds a lsting grudge.
Generous, loyal, always kind,
To your outer layer blind.
Surely, opposite of rude,
My beating heart I must include.
On your birthday, my love for you,
From the clouds, a perfect view.
Moments, memories, a year gone by,
I’m here for you, don’t you cry.
My love for you, lives by the truth,
Always keep me, in my youth.
Wgen it sees, our trust and hope,
It climbs and conquers any slope.

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I’ve thought of the best lines to write to you
On this special day I tend to lack the ideas
It’s hard to look for what’s best to really say
To make you know how much I love you on your birthday.
Maybe I’m not as good of a poet you’ve always said
Or I’ve lost the vibes of the poems you’ve always read
Maybe I’ve let my pen lay fallow or rest for a while
Or forgotten it back home over a thousand miles.
Or better still I can’t write exactly what I feel
Cos it’s too deep a well to draw from
Maybe it’s my love for you that lack words
To really quantify the degree to which you’re awesome
You’ve been more than a friend
You’ve loved me like your own
I could just say I’m your little brother
Unfortunately you already said so
Happy birthday love, Have a wonderful day.

You make me happy when I frown
And in turn I want to help when you’r down
I have listened to the sadness and fierceness
For some I felt you shatter into pieces
Wanted to help to put a smile on your face
But ended up meeting a guard with a mace
The guard was named hopelessness that I felt when I saw you sitting in the corner…crying as I watched from afar..
But still I haven’t given up hope just yet
For I know you’ll follow the light
And I hope I can bet you’d have a wonderful day today
So for that I have to say
Happy Birthday

I’m so thankful that on this day,
The world was given you!
29 trips around the sun,
I can’t believe it’s true!
Every day I love you more,
And I can’t wait to see,
Where this life take us next,
Maybe the mountains or the sea?
So in honor of your birthday,
I got you a little gift.
We can use it later tonight,
If you catch my drift.

Today is your special day!
Let’s celebrate you.
Coffee on the porch,
And a big ole breakfast omelet.
Puppy kisses until your heart is content,
and a long walk by the water.
Homemade soup and a lazy afternoon.
Country music on,
And some dancing in the kitchen.
Then we fall asleep wrapped up in each other’s arms.

Happy Birthday Lover!
Let’s stay under the covers,
And cuddle away the day.
Another year older,
Our love continues to smolder,
And I’ll love you just the same.
You’re the greatest women I’ve ever met,
The cutest little brunette,
My beautiful birthday girl.

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It’s your birthday.
Every year we spend together
Makes me love you more.
You’re another year older,
And another for us to share.
As you get older, your charm
Continues to grow.
I wish you the happiest of
Birthdays, my love.

Oh my love, my sweet
Your birthday has come again.
We share the happiest of
Every year we share, our love
And your birthday is special.
It marks another year with
You on this Earth.
It makes me thankful for you,
For you being here.
I love you,
Happy Birthday.

Today marks another year you
Grow older,
And I’m glad to age by your side.
Together we celebrate your
A special occasion for us both.
Each year I give more than
Monetary Gifts,
I give you my love and my heart.
So here’s to another year older,
With all my love.

Happy Birthday, my love
My true best friend
To our romance,
There is no end.
Happy Birthday, my love
Your kindness keeps me going
Your gentleness is like that of a dove.
Your beauty radiates from the depth of you soul
You truly do make my heart full
Happy Birthday, my love!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart
To the one whom my soul is attached.
I wish you well on your endeavors
Just don’t forget to include me in them
I love you more
Than what my heart can fully express
You deserve nothing less than my absolute best!

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Happy Birthday my friend, my lover.
I am crazy about you.
Thoughts of you consume my mind.
You deserve only the best.
If I could give you more of my heart, I would.
You could keep it for the day.
I only ask that I get it back,
So I can spoil you the next day.

You have given my heart wings.
Weightless fingertips touch the edge of heaven.
How I ever enjoyed life without you is a mystery of magic.
Meaning has twined my soul with yours.
That our love takes root and grows.

Although I may be far away
I wanted to send these words to say “Happy Birthday.”
My heart years for you across the miles that keep us apart.
That we could hold each other tonight and light up the night with
our love.

The gift of your skin a memory to explore without destination.
My birthday wish for you is we continue to travel on life’s roads.
Each rest stop one to savor, a view that soars to new horizons I
want to forever see with you.

Another year’s passed, but my love has not; You are in my every thought; Every night I dream of you; And to thine heart I will be true; Wish for a gift, it is yours to behold; As long as you’re with me, I’ll never grow old!

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On your birthday, I’ll show the love in my heart; In every single way; Know that we will never part; I’ll love you every day; I’ll give you the moon, the the stars, the sun; The entire galaxy; I could have chosen anyone; But you’re the one for me!

The anniversary of your birth; Is cause for celebration; Of all the people here on Earth; You’re cause for my elation; I love you with all of my heart; Your presence makes me whole; I dearly hope we’ll never part; You always warm my soul.

On your birthday
I reflect on all that you mean to me
And all you do everyday to show your love for me
Everyday with you is filled with laughter and sweet memories
I am so lucky to spend my life with you
I hope your day is full of everything that makes you smile
Happy birthday, my love

Home feels like being wrapped up in your arms
There I can lay protected from harm
Your gentle love has set me free
I see all of what our love could be
I am so happy to celebrate you
On your special day
I just want to wish you
Happy Birthday
I love you so much

On your birthday
I want you to know
That you deserve the world
Although I may lack fancy gifts
I give you my love
Always true and faithful
I am forever grateful
For all of our days together
Your love for me more than I deserve
Happy birthday my sweet love

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butterflies and giggles
you still make me
feel young
today is your birthday
the day you were born
a day of beauty
the day you came into
the world
a day of joy
a time to feel young
happy birthday sweetie
i’m glad you were born

my love for you
is bigger than venus
my heart is yours
a celebration today
a year older they say
your a dream come true
i hope your birthday
is as amazing as you
have a birthday of fun
we will celebrate to

happy birthday
my love
may the day be
happy birthday my love
let’s hire a band
a day to make you cake
happy birthday
my love
it’s your day
to shine
happy birthday my love

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Your Birthday Every Day
I wish your birthday, Sweetheart,
Would happen each day,
So I could commend you
With a compliment bundle.
I’d state you’ve satisfied me
Just by being you
I surmise I’ll simply imagine
Consistently’s the day of your introduction to the world,
Another chance
To demonstrate to all of you you’re worth!

On Your Birthday
On your birthday, I am so extremely cheerful
to have imparted life to you one more year,
relaxing in the uncommon light of your affection.
May your birthday be filled
with bliss, fulfillment,
what’s more, the sort of stunning bliss
I feel at whatever point I’m with you.

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Birthday Love
The exceptional day that you were conceived
Is loaded up with numerous delights;
Our fascination and our minding bond
Are my life’s most prominent fortunes.
Your birthday brings me bliss
Also, fills me with feeling;
My blessing to you is all my affection
What’s more, resolute dedication.